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I recently called every knowledgeable repair guy and Apple specialist in the entire South Bay as I was interested in upgrading my Mac Pro to the latest and greatest specifications. Needless to say Bret was the absolute only one in the entire South Bay that was even willing to work on such a high end computer from Apple. He spent a couple hours meticulously replacing the processor on the Mac Pro which is a crazy mission and upgraded my RAM and SSD Drive. He even ran some tests for after service to make sure I had a great experience with the Computer. Highly recommend Bret for any computer related repairs.

I needed several computer-related jobs done at my home and called Bret Meldrum with Apple-Onsite. He arrived at my home promptly and I immediately went over my "To Do" list with him. First, my computer hard-drive was failing and he replaced it with a new one (my computer is incredibly fast now!). Second, after the new HD installation I needed to backup all of my files and he took care of that as well. Third, I was having problems with my router and he repaired that for me. Fourth, I wanted to est. Wi-Fi connection in the home so 3 smartphones and a laptop computer could access the Internet and he took care of that too. In addition he also set up Wi-Fi on my home printer. Everything is set up properly now and running smoothly thanks to Bret. I would highly recommend Bret to anyone for computer-related needs.

Brian C. Culver City, CA
I have had the privilege of having Bret Meldrum provide computer trouble-shooting services for my law firm. He is relentless and creative in trying to solve a problem. At the same time, he has the patience to explain to his customers issues and solutions in palatable terms.

I highly recommend Brett as an addition to any company. He is smart, kind, and has a passion for his profession.

Grace A Lou.